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Lyndia Grant’s riveting delivery moves crowds to their feet. Learn about how she came to embody the essence of public speaking.

“Don’t delay, time can’t wait another day. The clock keeps ticking — begin today.”

Motivational Speaker.
Radio Host.
Syndicated Columnist.

Lyndia Grant is a keynote speaker, radio talk show host with Radio One, a major special events manager, syndicated newspaper columnist and author. Lyndia has been speaking and working in the public relations field nationally, and throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area for more than thirty years.

Lyndia inspires listeners to take action, leaving those who experience her powerhouse messages changed forever. Having spoken in venues nationally, she is experienced in speaking in the political, corporate, federal and local governments, religious and community arenas.

Lyndia has developed and administered many speaking and training opportunities offering customer service, health, and motivation. Hired by U.S. Department of Commerce to provide mandatory support staff training, she has earned outstanding ratings throughout her career. She has provided staff training for Social Security Administration, U.S. Department of Labor, Defense Department, and for the District of Columbia Government where she was the only speaker invited back each year to speak with the ‘Welfare to Work” participants at The Washington Convention Center, she also has spoken often for the DC Department of Employment Services Job Training Partnership Act, JTPA.

She served as special guest speaker for the Office of the Lt. Governor, U.S. Virgin Islands, the Island of St. Croix; where she was the “Retreat Facilitator” for all state employees. Staff was flown in from St. Martins and St. John to participate in her customer service training. Lyndia enjoys sharing with her listening audiences how her life changed forever, since the day she read Napoleon Hill’s best seller “Think and Grow Rich.” She loves sharing his messages delivered in her own way. She enjoys teaching and sharing these principles in speeches and in every newspaper column. And where possible, Lyndia shares what she learned from Hills’ research he completed over a 20 year period.

It doesn’t matter where one begins, but where he ends that matters.

Two newly elected U.S. Presidents have awarded contracts to Lyndia. President George Herbert Walker Bush’s Inaugural Committee organizing the educational awards gala, held at The Women’s Museum. President William Jefferson Clinton’s Inaugural Committee’s Transportation Department hired Lyndia as Transportation event chair at the Washington Convention Center for Clinton’s Arkansas & MTV Ball.

Executive Director of Georgia Avenue Day, Washington’s largest outdoor festival and parade in Washington, DC, appointed by Councilmember Charlene Drew Jarvis. Lyndia and her sisters served for over 15 years as the festival grew from an attendance of less than 1000 up to more than 100,000 people as documented by The Washington Post.

Detroit became her home-away-from-home for nearly 15 years when she was hired as the event planner and fundraiser by Lewis College of Business, Michigan’s only historically black college. Raising hundreds of thousands of dollars from some of Motown’s favorites like Ford Motor Company, Motown Museum, Chrysler and General Motors, she enjoyed commuting back-and-forth to Detroit to meet with sponsors. Some of the honorees included Congressman John Conyers, The Wynans, Martha Reeves, basketball star, Grant Hill and actress Kim Fields.

The Lyndia Grant Show, Think on These Things her weekly radio talk show, airs Fridays at 6:00 PM on Spirit 1340, WYCB, a Radio One Station. Known as the oldest gospel station in America, her guests have ranged from Congressman John Conyers, Congresswoman Donna Edwards, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr., Rev. Bernice A. King, CEO of The King Center, Pastor Shirley Caesar, Lady Tramaine Hawkins to Dr. Julianne Malveaux. She has interviewed actress Della Reese, Mayor Sharon Pratt, Joshua DuBois, Mayor Marion Barry and Mayor Vincent Gray, to name a few! She is blessed with some dynamic radio advertisers, namely Jack H. Olender & Associates P.C.; AmeriHealth Caritas, DC; Coca-Cola; and The Washington Informer Newspaper, plus others. Health Fairs in memory of her late mother, Fannie Estelle Grant have been held annually as her radio show anniversary.

Run in the Washington Informer Newspaper, her Religion Corner column appears every week since 2005, her column was picked up by the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) and Black Press USA; and is now syndicated. Her column is very popular, nationally, generating frequent, favorable calls from readers from coast-to-coast. Her love for writing is evident, she has written two books; “Destiny’s Door, Turning Milestones Into Stepping Stones”, and “The Sharecropper’s Daughter, It’s Not Where You Begin, But Where You End That Counts“.

As Project Director of a monument, Lyndia was appointed by Councilman Frank Smith to erect the first and only African American Civil War Memorial which pays tribute to 209,145 US Colored Troops and 7,000 White Officers who fought in The American Civil War. The project lasted from the 1991 groundbreaking to the 1998 unveiling and broadcast live on CNN, CSPAN and seen on 163 TV stations across the nation. As project director, Lyndia was responsible for all day-to-day operations which required working with Congress, DC Mayor and WMATA. Her first assignment was to coordinate a trip to Los Angeles for 33 low-income, Garnet-Patterson Middle School Students. There, Lyndia coordinated a breakfast meeting with SONY Pictures executives, and she confirmed Oscar Winner, Denzel Washington, who came and dazzled the students! Lyndia coordinated fundraisers, held at the historic Lincoln Theater, talent ranged from Martha Reeves & The VanDella’s to actor David Selby. Lyndia worked with the sculptor, Ed Hamilton of Louisville, Kentucky; with the late Paul Devrouax, head architect, and with the DC Department of Public Works, DC Arts & Humanities, descendants, and others; and she worked directly with the board of the African American Civil War Memorial Freedom Foundation, reporting directly to DC Councilman Frank Smith, the founder.

A few of the many major special events Lyndia has coordinated include the first Million Man March, where she served as the ‘green room’ coordinator; responsible for getting every guest to the main stage in proper order. Lyndia served as the event coordinator for the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the historic March on Washington for the District of Columbia, where she was appointed by Chair, DC Councilman Frank Smith; working closely with The Secretary of the District of Columbia.

During the summer of 2015, Lyndia had the privilege of serving as Chair for The Oprah Winfrey, DC Belief Host Committee, working with Joshua Dubois, local co-chairs, Lillian Huff and Rev. Dr. Unnia Pettus, and a wonderful host committee, promoting a new OWN TV Network Series called “Belief.”

During the 1980’s, after the credible bid for U.S. President by Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr., Lyndia and her sisters commissioned an official bronze bust of Rev. Jackson. Jackson met with Lyndia and her committee to allow photographs and measurements for the bust. The Reverend actually posed during a requested sitting with the sculptor, Retha Walden Gambaro. The ‘official bronze bust’ now sits as the centerpiece at PUSH Headquarters in Chicago, Illinois!

Lyndia earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication from Trinity University and a Master of Arts Degree in Communication from Trinity Washington University.

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